Delta Xrf

Delta Xrf



Innov-X-Systems wanted to feature their cutting edge scanning technology in a high-performance aesthetic.  Innov-X is known for their uncompromising performance, and they wanted the design to speak to this.  As a premium halo product, the design would really have to stand out from the competition, unlike anything they had done before.   

The serious, capable aesthetic. The handle had to blend into the body, this was an opportunity to create a comfort shape for the hand.  Blending the screen to the body was an intersection of two perpendicular shapes, the challenge was to create a cohesive form with perfect aesthetic.  In the client's words:  "If it doesn't look good, it's a no go."

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I added a heatsink on the top of the unit with a wave design for more surface area.  This wave form contrasted the other elements of the body, and hinted at the power inside.  Side panel heat sinks visually balance the metal nose.  The touchscreen is at an improved reading angle from previous designs.  Every detail has functional reason, such as the the form of the back of the unit; it morphs into a large protective hard rubber bezel around the touchscreen.