The OrthoPulse Device

by Biolux Research

The OrthoPulse cuts brace and clear-align treatment times in half.  Biolux Research partnered with Product Creation Studio (PCS) to develop their professional photobiomodulation (PBM) technology for the at-home market.  FDA approved, ergonomic and portable, OrthoPulse creates smiles twice as fast by using low levels of light energy to stimulate the bone surrounding the roots of your teeth and facilitate tooth movement.

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Device with Charging Carry Case: We had the idea of a smart device that might induction charge when set inside the case.  This would keep the intra-oral clean in between uses.

Enclosed Tech: Early thumbnails show my concept for having the electronics encased in an over-molded silicone - to protect the core and make the device rinseable

Early prototypes were wired to a laptop to test the treatment UX Concept. We looked at sounds, vibration, heat, and of course overall comfort.


We started fit testing with an ultra-flex concept.  Strategically positioned gaps and flex grooves would ensure that the mouthpiece fit many different mouths.

PCS delivered on our project. They were able to absorb and understand all of our various needs and requirements, boiling these ideas into a series of conceptual designs, and fleshing out the winning concepts into a single complete design for the product.
— Kevin Strange, Ceo of Biolux Research