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Every project, every challenge, and every solution has an envelope within which concepts can take shape. As designers we have to measure it with user insights and vocs. Consider that you are sketching thumbnails, the launch of that product will occur 1-3yrs after that concept phase.  Will your product still be relevant in 1-5 years?  One way to plan in relevance that is to observe the gamut of what users are saying, and edge toward the wild side of your solution set. Designers are already ahead of everyone else, and so it's tricky for designers to bring the rest of the dev team up to that same point in the future that we are looking at. Walking the entire team through your research and thought process is critical to getting backers for your wilder ideas. If you don't allow your ideas to gently sink in, the development team will tend to prefer creating solutions that are comparable to what has come before, because that is the know path with known effort.  In the disur job as designers is to lead the product development teams down a path that has some modicum of unknowns

david cz